Saturday, December 29, 2007

Create Your Own Ringtones For Free

Are you tired of navigating through websites, with loads of fine prints, looking for ringtones for your mobile phone and paying major music labels for copyrighted songs? Or being saddled with a phone bill that burns a hole in your pocket for that supposedly free ringtone you have downloaded because you failed to read the fine print?

Well, here are two recently launched web services that allows you to create your very own ringtones for free without needing any downloading of ringtone-making software or surprise users with hidden fees:
1. Cellware
Positioning itself as a mobile social networking site, Cellware has one of the largest selection of content for your phone on the Web and allows users to upload and create their own ringtones for free. Simple Flash tools allows the uploading of entire MP3 sound tracks, edit them into 20 seconds clips and send them to users cellphones as ringtones. It also allows users to mix several tracks together into a mashup and being a networking site, tag and share them with friends and community members. All brands of mobile phone, except Apple iPhone, work with Cellware. And the kicker - you can even earn money when you share the stuff you have uploaded !

2. Tonebee
Similar to Cellware, Tonebee is another recently launched web service that allows users to create their own personalized cell phone ringtone for free by simply uploading their favorite Mp3 songs onto the “Mp3 ToneBee Ringtone Maker." In just 3 simple steps - uploading, selecting the portion of the song (30 seconds or less) you want and saving it on your PC - users will have the desired ringtone for their cellphones. The stored song can be transferred onto any cell phone as long as the phone has Mp3 capabilities. Beside creating ringtones, Tonebee also has videos, photos and news from around the world related to almost any artist, band, album or song you can think of.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tech News - Goggle Challenges Wikipedia With "Knol"

Here is this week's round-up of tech news and what's hot in the Web :

1. Google Challenges Wikipedia With "Knol"
Google has announced that it will be launching a new Internet encyclopedia, a concept called "knol"- a shorthand for a "unit of knowledge"- that will see it competing with the highly popular user-supported Wikipedia.

The Googlepedia, as some netizens are calling it, will consist of material submitted by users but unlike Wikipedia, there will be no cloak of anonymity and all submissions will be identified. There will be no editing of entries by Google but instead, visitors will rate and comment on them. For now, submissions are by invitation only but will eventually be open to all comers. The resource is free to use and Google will monetize it by placing contextual ads related to the topics covered on each page.
With more than 56 million US visitors eye-balling Wikipedia in Oct alone, making it the eighth most popular website, the concept will definitely pose a challenge to non-profit Wikipedia which has emerged as a widely used reference tool. While lifting the cloak of anonymity to submissions is a step in the right direction, unless it has its own editorial team to vet the entries, Google's "knol", in allowing visitors to rate and comment the submissions, will open it to the same sort of uneven content and the many abuses that Wikipedia has.

2. Flickr Launches "Places"
Flickr, Yahoo's online photo-sharing site, will soon unveil a service called "Places" that identifies on a global map, the latest hot spots for photo contributions and allows users to browse photos from millions of geographically located photos uploaded onto its site. With many of the world's cities, states and countries having their own featured pages, "Places" also allows users to search by geographic location for photos that might interest them.

With more than 40 million monthly visitors to Flickr, the feature will be especially appealing to prospective travellers seeking to go beyond photos of landmarks for places they plan to visit. "Places" will be available in the eight languages that Flickr currently offers - English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Korean and traditional Chinese.

3. ScanR Revolutionises Scanning, Copying And Faxing Industry
Convert an image of a document, business card or a whiteboard message, captured on your camera phone or digital camera, to a PDF file or vCard format and get it emailed or faxed to you through ScanR, a new US-based startup.

The free-to-use web service is set to revolutionise the scanner, copier and fax industry with its technology that identifies keywords during the conversion process and assigns them as tags that make the file searchable on ScanR or any desktop search software. ScanR also works with any mobile phone.

4. Ultra-Mobile PC - Asus Launches Eee PC
While ultra-mobile laptops, which weighs below 1kg and have screen sizes of 7 inches and below, have been around for about a year, the price tags of the initial releases were quite exorbitant, considering their limited capabilities, costing over US$1,300 each. Not anymore.

Law & Order - 1st Year
Asus has just launched the Eee PC, an ultra-mobile laptop that hit the sweet spot with its low price of around US$400. Designed for affordability, it comes with a Intel Mobile Celeron ultra-low voltage 900 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3 USB ports, LAN port, built-in webcam, SD card slot, 800 x 480 seven-inch display, stereo speakers, Wi-Fi and an impressive 5200 mAh battery which supports 3.5 hours of use.

There is no hard disk drive but has instead, 4GB of solid-state flash memory and while using flash memory means that you get less storage, you get better power efficiency, faster boot times and less heat instead. The launch was so successful that over 300 pieces were snapped up within a day or two at the Sitex show in Singapore recently.

The Asus Eee PC, which stands for easy-to-work, easy-to-play and easy-to-learn, uses Linux instead of Windows and the user interface is extremely well-designed and divided into Work, Play and Learn tabs for easy access to applications. The icons are large and at 920g, decked out in a crisp pearl white body, is aptly suited for students and professionals on a budget, and is likely to be a benchmark for all other ultra-mobile PCs to follow.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 Free And Boss-Pleasing Things You Can Do With Facebook.

Bosses hate Facebook as they consider it a robber of productivity and worker hours. A recent study of 3,500 companies by UK employment law firm Peninsula found that an estimated 233 million hours were lost every month as a result of employees "wasting time" on networking sites such as Facebook. Many companies and even governments have already banned the site, for example the Ontario government in Canada.

However, with the right applications and used correctly, Facebook can actually help improve productivity at work. Here are seven free and boss-pleasing things you can do with Facebook :

1. Sell Your Company's Goods Online
Great for small companies who want to move their products online, the Marketplace section is where all Facebook users post items they want to buy or sell. Unlike eBay, listings are free but the listing will be available only to others in the same network in Facebook as you. But by paying US$1, you can publicise your listing to other Facebook users, in the form of online advertisements on their Facebook pages. (marketplace.jpg)

2. Raise Capital For Business
If you are residing in the United States, raise capital by joining the Lending Club, a community where you can borrow and lend money to fellow Facebook members. Members lend and borrow money directly to and from each other online, bypassing the banks and enjoying better rates. All members' identities and bank accounts are verified and borrowers credit-checked by the Lending Club. Lenders are also provided with a borrower's credit history and only borrowers with credit scores of above 640 are accepted. To-date, the Club has already passed US$3.7 million in loans to Facebook users. Great alternative fund raising avenue for companies intending to set up office in the US. (lendingclub.jpg)

3. Track The Stock Market
If your job or company dabble in stocks and shares, get real and updated stock quotes with the Simple Stock Quotes application which is updated every 15 minutes. (stock.jpg)

4. Read the Latest News
Get the latest news relevant to your business with the Simply feed application which allows you to read the latest happenings in your industry on Facebook. You can also share your feeds and shared items in Google Reader with friends. (rss.jpg)

5. Store And Share Office Documents
If you use the online office suite Zoho to create and edit office documents and spreadsheets, you can upload and share them with colleagues on Facebook using Zoho Facebook. (zoho.jpg)

6. Send And Get e-mail
Facebook's e-mail application lets you send and receive e-mail within the networking site. Choose your own e-mail address, and if the recipient replies through the web-form provided in the link in the e-mail, his reply will be displayed as a thread. (e-mail.jpg)

7. Make a Statement
With the Groups function, rally the troops to stand behind your boss vision and business direction or make a statement to meet your company's key targets for the year.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WatZatSong And Other Free Online Quirky Tools

Once in a while we come across certain unique situations where we wish there were software or web tools to help us with these quirky stuff. Well, here are some free web tools that are not common but will certainly come in handy for those rare occasions :

You have just heard a great tune on the radio but the DJ does not identify it and goes on to play other hits. The tune gets stuck in your head, refuses to go away and you end up a bit looney, humming it to friend after friend, hoping to find someone someone who is able to identify it for you.

Well, can the humming with WatZatSong, where you can easily get the answer to that lovely but nameless jingle. Just give as much information as you can about the song, like male or female singer or a group and genre, and record a short sample of it online - yup, sing a little of the jingle into your mike and the site will automatically record and upload it. Then, just wait for the community to ping you for an answer to your nameless jingle. And don't worry about being tone-deaf as it is an anonymous recording.
Anyone working can easily identify with the disconnect between the e-mail quota we want and the amount company IT administrators think we should have, which is usually much smaller. So, what do you do if you need to send and receive large files?

Share them online with and you'll have the gratitude of people whose inboxes won't be clog up and save yourself the hassle of having to break up large mail attachments too. As the name suggests, just drop your files online, tell your friends where to look and share them. No account sign-up is needed and there is a 100 MB upload limit for each file but you can use the service as often as you like. With no irritating pop-ups and ads, a clean and easy-to-use interface, promises that all files uploaded stay online forever and can be downloaded as many times as you need them to be.

Tired of having your system bog down for hours while you are downloading a file that was supposed to take only minutes? Check your download time before you hit the download button at OnlineConversion Download Time Calculator. Just enter the size of the file you want to download and the calculator will quickly estimate the amount of time the download needs based on its size and the speed of your Net connection ( DSL, 56kbps modem, etc).

Eyes glazed and tired from all the proof reading of your articles? Let your computer talk to you and do all the proof reading with ReadPlease, an easy-to-use and excellent text-to-speech software. ReadPlease never gets tire and reads exactly what's in the text, no more and no less. Hearing the text spoken out loud allows you to find subtle errors that you might overlook like bad phrasing, missing words, doubled words and poor punctuation. An excellent tool for writers and a godsend for people with vision or reading problems.

Portable Apps
Put your entire computer in your pocket and be productive while on the go with PortableApps, an open-source software that allows you to store your favourite applications and settings, including passwords and bookmarks, in any storage device like your iPod or thumb drive. Your PC productivity tools, web browsers, video player and games are just as welcome with PortableApps. Just plug in your thumb drive at any public PC at the airport or a cybercafe and you can access all your favourite applications without leaving any trace of your personal data behind.

Get rid of bandwidth-hogging online ads and surf faster with WebWasher, a 1.2 MB utility that eliminates pop-ups, banners and jumbo-sized ads that increase the time it takes to view Web pages. This nifty tool also crushes cookies and prevents companies from profiling your surfing habits and protects you from bugs and invisible graphics hidden in documents that trigger the sending of messages to third parties.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tech News - Members Blast Facebook.

Ever since i started a new category on technological news to keep up with the rapid changes in the Web, traffic had bumped up and it seems to be well received by readers. So, here is this week's update on the latest tech news :

1. Members Blast Facebook
Users of Facebook are up in arms over the social networking site's decision to make money from its success by plastering users' photos on advertisements for products that they like. Discussion groups have sprung up lambasting the company for selling out its users to the highest bidders, like Coca-Cola, Sony and Blockbuster.
The site, started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a way to keep in touch with his classmates, has exploded into a global social networking phenomenon with more than 54 million users. The 23-year-old is now trying to turn those users into dollars and had sold a 1.6 per cent stake to Microsoft for US$240 million, valuing the site at a staggering US$15 billion.

His latest "social advertising" strategy will turn its users unwittingly into cyber ambassadors for commercial brands. The new strategy will allow businesses to build custom-designed "pages" and users can become "fans" of a company's page which means any interaction with that brand will be broadcast to their Facebook friends. Users are upset because they know about the site's plans via a very brief blog posting only when they logged in.

Privacy experts says what Facebook is doing amounted to massive invasion of privacy with some indicating that users can sue Facebook for damages if their photos are being used for advertising purposes without their consent. My take is that Facebook is cashing in on its popularity with minimum consideration for users who have made it the success it is today. It has also broken the illusion that online activities are not being monitored and might just face a rebellion from users.

2. Twine
The buzz words today are "Google it" and "Facebook me" but in future you might say "Twine it". Twine is a new online service that promises to automatically collect and organise all your information, like contacts, e-mail and even YouTube videos in a way that makes sense.

Complete series
Using Semantic Web - Web 3.0 technologies, Twine is now in a closed beta trial now and promises to manage your personal data better than say, Facebook does now. These technologies have the ability to sieve through all the information, sort out the relationships between them and then display it in a manner useful to you, all without your intervention.

As an example, Facebook currently reminds you of birthdays and hooked you up with people of the same interests but Twine promises to be smarter, for example, it can tell the difference between J.P.Morgan the person and J.P. Morgan the firm. Being one of the first to launch a commercial application using Web 3.0 technologies, watch out for the name "Twine".

3. Amazon e-Book Reader
Online book retailer Amazon has recently launched its own electronic book reader called Kindle. The paperback-sized device can stored up to 200 books and sells for US$399. Kindle comes with a 6-inch black-and-white display with a memory of 256 MB that allows users to download e-books onto it. At present, more than 90,000 titles including bestsellers are available for Kindle.

With its steep price, the reception for Kindle might be luke-warm as it has only one function - reading and does not allow for surfing the Web or organising your address book like a personal digital assistant, which can be brought for about the same price. And most PDAs can already download and read electronic books. Kindle also lack international appeal as it currently supports the EVDO wireless broadband network which is available only in America which means all transactions must be done within the United States.

There are also issues with users comfort and avid readers like me, would prefer the touch and feel of a book when i read and e-readers are at best, cold comfort.
4. Spidey Climbs Onto The Web
Here is something for fans of Marvel Comics. In a major move to go digital, Marvel Comics is putting up Spiderman and Captain Planet comics on the Web, with back issues of popular comics like X-Men and Fantastic Four slated to go online soon.

Subscribers can access Marvel's library from the comfort of their homes and using a Flash player, read the comics on their PC screens. The service is expected to cost about US$9.99 per month but new comics, however, will only be available 6 months after they hit the shops and fans can only read them, not download them. Their rival, DC Comics, already has Batman and Superman online.

Just like what is happening in the music industry, it is inevitable that comics move from paper to the digital realm and will be appealing to a whole new generation of wired-up kids who do everything online. A bit of romance is loss though for the many fans who grew up collecting rare copies and storing them in acid-proof containers for posterity.

5. Eye For A Spy
Recruitment of spies has just enter cyberspace with British intelligence service, GCHQ, the high-tech surveillance arm, saying it will embed job ads within video games in a bid to attract Internet-savy graduates. Ads like "Careers in British Intelligence" will be place in games like Enemy Territory and Splinter Cell Double Agent and will be fed to computers and Microsoft Xbox consoles connected to the Internet. Guess what? The advertising agency responsible for the ads is New York-based Massive, which was brought over by Microsoft last year.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Video-Sharing Sites And Alternatives To YouTube.

Everyone have heard of the video-sharing site YouTube and the site has been such a success that a price tag of US$1.65 billion was put on it, dwarfing the US$649 million that Rupert Murdoch paid for MySpace. The wide variety of footage available, from music videos, homemade videos, comedies to drama serials has grown YouTube's American user base, according to AC Nielson, by a whopping 297 per cent for the first half of 2006.

Along with that success came competition and an explosion of other video-sharing sites, which offer options that many users felt have better video quality and more features than YouTube. Revver, for instance, share advertising revenue with creators of video clips and this strategy seems to be paying off - it has managed to attract some of YouTube's top producers including the makers of the popular Lonelygirl15 comedy series. So, here are some alternatives to YouTube :

If you cannot tell the difference between JPEG and FLV or the word "video-remixing" sounds like something from Mars, then Eyespot is the perfect video-sharing site for you. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Eyespot editing features allows you to trim the beginning and ending of your footage, add effects and even re-order the timeline. Through ISend, you can even send your cell phone video to your account via MMS and due to its partnership with music labels, users can add music to their clips from artistes like Five for Fighting without having to worry about copyright infringements.

IFilm is one of the leading streaming media networks on the internet and provides video producers with their own personalized MyIFilm page, Clip of the Day and many other cool features. Their extensive library of music videos, short films and the popular "viral videos" is just the right thing if you found yourself bored stiff in a seminar or a presentation. This video-sharing site has also joined forces with MTV to let you catch their latest programmes and users not looking for any particular video would like its dedicated video channels like anime and horror. These channels screen random videos from selected genres so that you can enjoy an array of videos. iFilm also allows you to send your footage directly from the site to Flickr, MySpace and

Veoh is a diverse, virtual community of independent filmmakers and content producers and is the video-sharing site for all pop-star wannabe as Veoh have partnered United Talent Agency to talent spot The Next Big Thing through footage submitted by users. It also boasts of a great variety of user-generated Internet drama serials like the popular homemade horror drama Buried Alive.

Part of Yahoo, Jumpcut makes video publishing fun and easy. Its features-rich editing tool allows users to easily create their own version of someone else's movie, create effects, re-order the timeline and even undo all the effects if you have gone overboard with the editing. Unlike Youtube, however, the videos do not play automatically, which is a bit of a hassle if you are streaming videos from your mobile phone.

Other than the standard YouTube features like tagging and rating videos, Revver's list of video categories is also impressive, with dedicated channels for DIY and Celebrity News. It is the only video-sharing site that shares revenue with creators of video clips and this strategy has attracted some of YouTube's top producers like the popular Lonelygirl15 series to switch camps. The site has promised to pay 20 to 50 per cent of their advertising dollars to video producers if people watch their videos.

Google Video
Google video may looked clean and boring but what Google Video lacks in design, it more than makes up for in features. And it even lets you sell your clips to viewers. Uploading your videos is a singe by either using their web-based uploader, for file size under 100 MB, or through a Video Uploader client software if your video is over 100 MB or if you want to upload multiple files at once. The only bugbear is that your footage is subjected to review and approval before it is posted on the site.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Specialised Software For Your Desktop.

Always wanted desktop extras for some specialised tasks like managing your cash flow or printing a CD or DVD cover but unwilling to pay a bundle for them? Well, the following specialised desktop utilities for those difficult tasks are totally free and will allow you to manage and organize your life and most importantly, save money at the same time :

1. Organize Your Tasks And To-Do List With Easy To-Do
A simple but powerful program from Xanadu Tools, Easy To-Do helps you to manage your To-Do lists and is a great tool for anyone with too much on their mind. With Easy To-Do you can become more efficient and get more things done in less time. Easy To-Do can also function as project-management software, letting you assign tasks to a resource, e.g. a project or a person responsible for the task. With an easy to use interface, features like the ability to categorize tasks, customized reports, creating recurring tasks and sound and speech reminders make Easy To-Do a nifty tool for organizing your life.

2. Manage Your Cash Flow With Easy Cash Manager
Easy Cash Manager is a great tool for managing your finances and is extremely user friendly. Unlike Excel, there is no need to create a spreadsheet of columns and cells or rack your brains to come up with complicated formulas to crunch those numbers. You simply input your expenses and income day by day and the software will generate graphs to help you track your finances by month and year.

3. Read Out Your Text Files With SmartRead
A nifty tool that makes your PC seem loaded with artificial intelligence, SmartRead will read out your text files if you get tired of reading long documents. Simply load a text document - those files that end in ".txt" or ".rtf" - and the software will read it out. Imagine your daughter's surprise if the computer were to read out a text greeting you have prepared for her birthday!

4. Make Movies For Your iPod With Free Video to iPod Converter
Here is a great utility for the many who own an iPod that can play video files - a software that lets you convert almost any video file into one supported by your iPod. Without having the need to spent hundreds of dollars for video editing software to convert those files, the Free Video to iPod Converter also works for the Sony PlayStation Portable and mobile phones. Simply point the software to the desired video file, which can be in formats like MPEG, QuickTime or Windows Media Video, and it will happily produce a new iPod-friendly version for you.

5. Print CD or DVD Cover With UndercoverXP
A very handy free software for creative souls who cut their own music and want their own personalised CD or DVD covers. With UndercoverXP, simply drag and drop the desired images into the template's slots and once the design is done, print it out with your photo printer.

6. Manage Your Photo Library With PICASA 2
PICASA may be old hat but it still one of the most useful free software for managing the thousands of photos in your PC's hard drive. Together with simple editing tools for enhancing photos like the Fill Light tuning tool, PICASA 2 should be the choice as long as you have photos that need sorting.

7. Convert Image Files With Irfan View
If all you want is to view and convert those picture attachments that your friends sent over e-mail, put aside an expensive and complex software like Adobe Photoshop and opt for Irfan View. Irfan View converts images into various file formats - from RAW or EPS files to, say, JPEG - and can even create quick slideshows.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting The Right Mortgage Leads With Red Clay Media.

With more than 1 million foreclosures in the US arising from the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the spectacular collapse of more than 100 mortgage lenders including US investment bank Bear
Sterns and Northern Rock in UK, the resultant turbulent market makes finding suitable mortgage leads an uphill task for mortgage lenders.

And it is times like these that mortgage lenders should adopt currently available marketing intelligence services such as those offered by Red Clay Media, who generates premium mortgage leads of people who can actually afford to take out a mortgage. Rather than adopting aggressive marketing campaigns that push interest-only products and homes at people who actually cannot afford them and contributing to defaults and foreclosures, Red Clay Media's targeted marketing results in mortgage leads that need and most importantly, are able to afford a mortgage loan.

Red Clay Media provides a range of solutions specially tailored for mortgage lenders, from acquiring exclusive mortgage leads, live transfer mortgage leads to online mortgage lead generation. And with all the screening work done by Red Clay Media, all the leads come pre-qualified and are ready to buy. Their online mortgage leads can also help mortgage lenders set up multiple internet marketing campaigns to drive leads directly to their sites. Red Clay Media's highly targeted mortgage lead generation programs and extensive network of websites that generate quality leads for re-finance, debt consolidation and new home loans can also lead to cost reduction per funded loans of up to 40 per cent.

With lessons learned from the sub-prime mortgage crisis, adopting targeted marketing intelligence services and exclusive mortgage leads generation offered by Red Clay Media is the
prudent way to go for mortgage lenders.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tech News - A Round Up Of The Latest News.

With new software releases and advances happening so rapidly in the Web, I thought it will be a good idea to start a new category on technological news to keep up with the rapid changes. I hope readers will find this informative and useful. Here is a round up of what is hot :

1. Google Opens Its Social Networking Sites To Developers
Google recently opened its social networking site, Orkut, to third party developers by making available a tool kit for writing user applications, an initiative called OpenSocial. Echoes of what Facebook is doing but Google is going one extra step by making its software interface workable on other social networking sites like Friendster, LinkedIn, Ning and Plaxo.
Great news for developers because this allows them to develop applications that can be used across the various social networking sites thus making it more efficient and productive. Google is playing catch up with Facebook who already have this facility which has attracted over 21 million users and the accompanying advertisers.

2. MySpace Opens Up
With increasing competition for users, online social network MySpace will finally open its code to outside developers. MySpace CEO Chris Dewolfe has announced that he is seeking to create a far more lucrative environment for outside developers than currently exist on Facebook, by providing advertising opportunities for independent application developers.

After witnessing the effects of Facebook's open invitation to developers, which resulted in more than 6,000 independent applications for its sites, MySpace plans to give developers control over advertising that runs on the webpages they create to host new services.

3. Google's New OS For Mobile Phones
Google recently announced that it was going to build software for mobile gizmos. Called Android, the software is expected give Microsoft's Windows Mobile and the Nokia-backed Symbian software, common on smart phones now, a run for the money. To push Android's adoption by users, Google also tied up with 33 partners through the Open Handset Alliance, which includes phone maker HTC and German cell phone maker T-mobile. Will Google's entry in the mobile phone market and more choices in devices for users be a good thing? We will have to wait and see.
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4. PDF Files Contains Malicious Code
A warning, released last week by IT security firm F-Secure, indicated that pdf files are not as secured as once thought. According to F-Secure it has recently seen tens of thousands of such malicious pdf files being spammed via mass e-mail messages. When such files are viewed on vulnerable machines, PCs get infected. The malicious files exploit a recently discovered frailty in Adobe Acrobat and Internet Explorer 7 and downloads vicious malware from a server in Malaysia with the aim of setting up a network of zombie machines.

The malicious e-mail contains subject headings like "Your credit report" and "Personal financial statement" and has no content in the main body except for the pdf attachment. Adobe has advised users to upgrade to Adobe Reader 8.1.1 or Acrobat 8.1.1 as it affects versions 8.1. My advice is to arm your PC with the necessary firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software and get them updated regularly and not to open suspicious e-mails.

5. Internet Mapped Out
An attempt was made recently by the University of Southern California's Information Science Institute (ISI) to create a map of the Internet. Over two months, ISI computers sent queries to about 2.8 billion numeric Internet Protocol addresses that identify individual computers on the Web. Replies came from about 187 million of the IP addresses and researchers used that data to map out where computers exist on the Internet. At one dot per address using a regular printer and with only a portion of replies, the resulting map was about 2.7m by 2.7m.

The map will help show how densely populated the Internet is and could help the researchers study the spread of computer viruses.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Linux - A Free Alternative To Windows.

Disappointed with Windows but can't afford a Mac? Then try Linux, the free and open-source Operating System. Long termed the "OS for geeks", Linux-based systems are now getting a new lease of life after user-friendly versions hit the market.

There are currently more than 300 different Linux versions and one of the most popular is Ubuntu, which has over 8 million users worldwide since it's release in 2004. With the emergence of more user-friendly versions like PCLinuxOS and Feather Linux the number of users is expected to rise dramatically and large computer manufacturers are taking heed - Dell and Lenovo now offer laptops pre-installed with Linux rather than Windows.

Not only does a Linux-based operating system like Ubuntu contains all the applications you need - from web browser, document and spreadsheet software to instant messaging and e-mail applications, it is also completely free. Some distributions like Ubuntu, even promised that their releases will remain free of charge and be constantly updated. That means you'll always have the latest and the best that the open source world has to offer.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you do not need to be an expert in computer programming to use a Linux-based operating system. User-friendly versions like PCLinuxOS and Ubuntu have a similar point-and-click interface with Windows and are able to recognise and install drivers for most common hardware.

If you are still unable to cut Microsoft's umbilical cord, some versions allow you to try out the software first without installing them into your PC. Simply download the software from the website, burn it onto a CD or DVD-ROM and boot your computer into Linux using the CD. Distributions that offer this feature include Knoppix, Ubuntu and Feather Linux, to name a few. And if you really cannot let go of Windows, try dual-booting, an option that allows you a choice of which system to boot into when you turn on your PC.

Stable, secure and with thousands of free and useful applications available, you really have nothing to lose in using Linux and if you need further convincing to switch, here are 5 more reasons :

1. No Crashes
Windows users will be very familiar with the infamous "blue screen of death" that greets them whenever their system crashes. In contrast, Linux users rarely experienced it and have been known to run their PCs continuously over a year without a single crash or reboot.

2. Fewer Viruses
Windows currently has more than a hundred thousand known bugs, while Linux has less than a hundred and being open source, this figure is expected to dwindle. Linus also uses smart authorisation management, as it requires you to authorise any action that may potentially harm your PC by entering your password. That results in lower incidences of being tricked into installing malware and running virus programs, simply because it will not let you.

3. Tech support
If you ever come against a wall, there is round-the-clock support provided by any of the Linux online forums. Just post the problem there and the very helpful and active Linux community will answer your call for help within a day or two.

4. Free software
There are thousands of free programs and applications - from web browsers, media players, office productivity tools to games, available for downloads. Most of them serves as alternatives to commercial software, the most notably being Mozilla Firefox ( for Internet Explorer) and OpenOffice ( for Microsoft Office).

5. Runs on old machines.
Many new computers struggle to handle the memory and capacity demands of Vista, which requires 512MB RAM and an 800MHz processor. In contrast, the latest Ubuntu version, the Feisty Fawn, needs a measly 64MB RAM and a 300MHz processor. Other versions of Linux require even less. That means you can actually run a ten-year-old PC on Linux with few worries.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Free Keywords Suggestion Tools.

Keywords are simply the words that people use when they search the Web and keyword research and selection is essential in any online marketing activity. Incorporating these keywords in your articles have a tremendous bearing on search engines results of your blog or site and will lead to increase traffic and improves your monetization efforts and chances of closing that sale.

Other than Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Trends and paid subscriptions, there are free online keywords suggestion tools that can help you to generate relevant keyword phrases and increase the visibility of your blog or site. Besides being free, they are also extremely accurate, considering they check for keyword phrase usage at multiple conflicting search engines. The following are some of the more popular free keywords suggestion tools :

Launched in January 2007 by market leader, which provides keyword research services to search engine marketing professionals and website owners worldwide, the free online keyword suggestion tool gives webmasters up to 100 keywords in each session. It also shows the number of searches for a keyword in the last 90 days.

The results are also extremely accurate as they get their data from metacrawlers, rather than from the search engines themselves. Wordtracker collects search term volume from and, which together, account for 63% of the search engine market. One further benefit of using metacrawler results is that one do not have to contend with the skew from people using software robots checking keyword positions. And if you want to go the full hog, try out the features packed Wordtracker paid version for free with a 30-day money backed guarantee.

Keyword Discovery
Similiar to Wordtracker, this free online keyword suggestion tool provided by Trellian generates the top 100 keywords in each session from a database of 180 search engines worldwide and 32 billion searches over the last 12 months, along with the number of times it has been searched for over the last one year. According to Trellian, their data is compiled and collected from a number of search engines to provide a far more accurate cross section of searches performed world wide.

Good Keywords
Unlike Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery, Good Keywords is a free Windows downloadable software for finding the perfect set of keywords for your web pages. Good Keywords is completely free, requires no registration and is adware and spyware free. It is a small 500Kb download and comes packed with nifty features like misspelled word generator, site popularity meter and link popularity meter. Good Keywords makes use of various tools provided by search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask and other services like Alexa. One major advantage of using a downloadable software like Good Keywords over online services like Wordtracker is the massive savings in time as there is no need to visit, input and then extract the output files, each time you need to do your keyword research.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Free Online Nostalgic Games.

Well before computer gaming and games like World of Warcraft and Halo became popular in the early 90s', children and adults alike enjoyed hands-on family games such as Scrabble and Rubik's cube. These simple but highly enjoyable childhood games of yesterday provided endless family fun and are making a comeback where games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Pictionary can be played online for free.

The online version of the popular 1948 board game can be found at and can also be added to your Facebook account as a third-party application. Scrabulous, however, allows players to make a move in their own time, which means no pressure to come up with a word pronto. Users can also look up words in internationally recognised word-lists. With the intention of trying to keep the game alive by offering everyone a chance to play it online, Scrabulous is a massive hit with more than 375,000 Facebook users adding the game to their accounts.

Remember giving a miss on a game of Pictionary when you are unable to gather a group of friends to play? With it's online presence, you no longer have to miss this highly popular game and friends can be miles apart but still be able to guess what is being drawn. Running on Shockwave, the game provided by is hassle-free as no account is needed. You are also given the option of choosing the level of difficulty before you start a game, by either joining an ongoing game or setting up your own.

If you fancy a challenge the old school way then try playing Hangman online, a game that was usually played on the blackboards of my school when i was young. A simple but fun game where players have to guess a word by calling out letters one by one, where the more wrong guesses the players make, the faster they "kill" the man on the gallows. Available at, the website also has a dictionary of about 17,000 words and allows users to customise their game - you can choose the length of the words you want to guess and the number of wrong guesses allowed.

Scissors, Paper, Stone
Who can forget this simple game that has provide endless hours of childhood fun. Played not only to while away time, the game was also often used as a fun way to settle disputes. In this game, two players compete by throwing out hand signals of three different kinds - scissors, paper and stone. Stone beats scissors, paper beats stone and scissors beats paper. The online version version gives players a chance to pit their skills against computers and other players around the world.

Another popular childhood game, Tic-Tac-Toe is played by two players on a three-by-three grid. The winner is the first person who has place three marks - using either an "X" or "O" - in a horizontal , vertical or diagonal row. Aptly suited for young children, the online version allows you to choose from five levels of difficulty.

Rubik's Cube.
Who could forget this intriguing game, the cube with six different colours on each face, that made waves in the 1980s. Players aim to return the cube to its original form, with each face of the cube in one solid colour. The online version not only allows you to play with different designs of the cube such as brick and wood but there is also no manual twisting either, as a click of the mouse switches the positioning of any row of the cube. You can also scramble the cube into five different permutations, for e.g, to have one face pre-solved, making it easier to solve the rest of the puzzle.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

AddThis - Free All-In-One Bookmarking Widget.

Do you sometimes find your sidebar cluttered with too many social bookmarking buttons like Digg,, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmarks and many others? Instead of helping your readers bookmark your blog or site, they looked messy, creates confusion and takes up valuable space.

AddThis, launched in Sept 2006, aims to remove all this clutter and makes it really easy for your readers to bookmark your site or blog and subscribe to your feeds. It is a simple and free universal button that sends bookmarks and RSS feeds to the most popular social bookmarking and news reader services and does away with the need for individual buttons for each of these services.

Not only is AddThis widget convenient and simple to use, it also provides valuable data showing what content your visitors bookmark the most on your website or blog, over various time periods. It is also well-supported with fast load-balancing servers and is extremely fast.

Available in two modes, including a drop-down widget, AddThis makes it easy for web publishers to share and distribute their content and is a nifty and free web service that i highly recommend.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scan Your Hard Disk For Free.

Lying at the heart of every PC is the hard disk and just like it's human counterpart, periodic scanning of it's health will alert you to impending failure and prevent catastrophic loss of data and the severe inconvenience of an unavailable and dead PC. While modern hard drives are much more reliable than the disks of yesterday, they are still extremely complex electronic devices with moving parts that are subject to wear and tear. Acting as an early warning system, it will be prudent to use the following free diagnostic tools to check on the health of your hard disk :

HD Tune
A free hard disk diagnostic utility for Windows, HD Tune uses SMART ( Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology ) to check on the health of your disk, scans the surface for errors, monitors its temperature and even shows detailed information of your disk in graphical form.
It is one of those nifty utilities that could be very handy if you suspect that your disk is fast deteriorating. Works with Windows 2000 and XP and it requires 10MB of free disk space.

HDD Health
A full-featured hard disk failure-prediction utility, HDD Health monitors your drives and provides detailed information about them. From your system tray, HDD Health uses SMART to assess your hard drive's condition, displays detailed information and send you alerts when there are any problems. Light on system resources, it works on Windows NT, 98, ME, 2000 and XP and has a file size of 901KB.

Besides providing excellent real-time analysis and reports of potential issues of your disk's health through SMART, HDDLife also comes with an unique feature that can cut your power bills by reducing your disk's power consumption and has a silent mode which reduces your disk's noise level without sacrificing performance. Supports most hard drives like IDE, Serial, ATA, SCSI and even external USB disks.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Free Web Service For Consumers Refunds.

With online shopping getting increasingly popular, a new web service launched recently helps consumers take advantage of store price guarantees offered by many online retailers to refund the difference in price of purchased items, if the price drops following your purchase. Retailers like and Best Buy offer such policies to encourage you to make a spontaneous purchase rather than waiting to see if the price of an item will come down. Naturally, most of us don't really bother to check if the price of our purchases goes down.

Priceprotectr, launched in July 07 after a 5-month beta period, aims to keep track of your purchases, monitor the prices of products you had purchased and see if they go down. In the event of a price drop within the time period specified by the retailer, they will then notify you and you can collect your refund from the online merchant. The company has put together a very simple and easy-to-use website where all you need is the product URL from the online store that you had made your purchases and your email address.

While sites like and also provides price monitoring services, they lacked depth as only purchases from are being tracked. Priceprotectr monitors more than 50 online stores including Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, Future Shop and Circuit City.

As consumers rarely monitor the purchased price after buying, using Price Protectr might just save you a bundle of money and with the site's declaration that it has notified users to the tune of $346,000 in savings, based on over $6million worth of tracked purchases, it is a free web service worth using.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Free Online Data Storage Services.

The much dreaded thought of a hard disk crash and losing all my precious data, files and photos coupled with not wanting to spend money on storage devices and going through the hassles of installation, got me looking for free online data storage services.

Online data storage is a convenient way to archive and share data and is a worthwhile option for anyone who wants to back up files, documents, MP3 tracks and photos. Besides being free, one big advantage of Web-based storage is that it is platform-independent and you can access your files from any Web-connected PC. This is especially useful for telecommuters and business travelers who are tired of transferring files between work, home and notebooks or lugging heavy disk drives on trips.

With many of these sites going beyond just offering mere storage but also application functionality, free online data storage services is a money saving option worth exploring if you want to back-up your files and protect against losing all your precious data due to crashing of your hard disk. The following is a round-up of sites offering free and secure data storage services :
Totally free and secure, DropBoks offers 1GB of storage with a maximum file transfer size of any format of 50MB and best of all, no maximum transfer amount limitations. It's simple interface and the lack of advertisements makes it a delight to use. If you don"t have large media files and just want quick and easy access to data uploading and downloading, then DropBoks is the site for you. Works well with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
If you have concerns about how secure your data is, then DriveHQ is the place for free online data storage where backups are encrypted locally before they are uploaded and without your private encryption key, nobody can read your files. The basic service is free with up to 1GB of free storage and features include automatic synchronization of local folders with online folders, no restrictions to size of files and drag-and-drop functions. DriveHQ is also super fast at uploading data and files.
With it's reliable performance and simple file-transfer tools, Xdrive offers free online data back-ups of 5GB for your photos, music, videos and files. It's virtual-drive utility lets you treat your account as another PC storage device.
With up to 1GB of free storage for home users and a maximum file size of 10MB, is an easy to use service. It's pleasant interface, strong file sharing features, drag and drop uploading functions makes it an attractive online storage facility. A further differentiating feature of is it's widget, which you can put on your MySpace page or blog to allow visitors to upload and download files with a drag and a drop. supports most browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Online Books Cataloging Services - Your Very Own Virtual Library.

Being an avid reader and book lover, i must have collected hundreds of books over the years, with some dating back to more than 30 years ago. Overflowing my bookshelves, some are stashed, due to a lack of space, in the store room and i have lost count of both the quantity and type of books i actually had in my collection. It was with this in mind that i started looking for free online books cataloging services and it was a joy to discover that there are several free and comprehensive web-sites dedicated to helping book lovers gain order over their literary tomes, in essence, allowing you to have your very own virtual library for free.

Besides offering free books cataloging services, some of these sites also incorporates a social and networking element where one can share and connect with like-minded book lovers, thus further enhancing the experience for book lovers. The following are some of the more popular online books cataloging sites in recent years :
With more than 19 million books cataloged and over 280,000 members, LibraryThing is currently the most prominent of the lot. Launched in Aug 2005, LibraryThing allows members to catalog their personal collections, keep reading lists and meet other readers with similar interests. Organizing your collection according to your preference, rating of books, tagging, mini-reviews and chatting with other members are some of the other functions available. Nifty tools like their blog widget can pull books in your catalog and bring them into your blog or site. It's intuitive interface together with their massive data base, as a result of their collaboration with Amazon, Library of Congress and over 30 other libraries, makes LibraryThing an awesome and amazing experience for book lovers. The service is free for cataloging of up to 200 books or you can pay just $10 for unlimited cataloging for one year.
Launched in Oct 2006, Shelfari is a book centered social media site which allows members to create virtual shelves for their books, join groups, give recommendations and generally connect with fellow book lovers. As the service is totally free with an unlimited amount of books cataloging allowed, the Seattle-based Shelfari is fast gaining popularity with book lovers.
Hong Kong based aNobii, while a newcomer, has all the features that LibraryThing has and it's interface is just as intuitive and attractive. Other than allowing avid readers to create shelves to showcase their books and connect with others, aNobii also allows members to buy, trade, swap and lend the books they own. For every book that the member is willing to trade, she/he can set a price or a note to a willing participant. They can also enter details of the transaction such as to whom the book is lent to and when they want it back. Members can also purchase books online through The service is totally free to members with no limit to the quantity of books cataloged.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Google's Suite Of Free Utilities And Web Services.

Other than being an Internet search giant and offering e-mail services like Gmail, Google also provides an extensive range of free web services and utilities. From simple applications like Google Notebook to complex Google Maps, it's wide range of nifty offerings enhances the average user's web experience, all totally free and at no cost to the user.

Google Desktop
Just like having your own private little Google server, Google Desktop allows you to find all your information, whether it's on the web or stored on your computer, from one convenient location. Sophisticated and easy to use, Google desktop search is extremely fast, even on large and cluttered hard drives. Once installed, it sits in the background, going through your files and folders and indexes your incoming and outgoing email messages in addition to listening in on your instant messenger chats and browsing the Web right along with you. Just about anything you see and forget, the Google Desktop sees and memorizes for you, plus it operates in real time.

Google Spreadsheets & Docs
A free web-based word processing and spreadsheet program, Google Spreadsheets & Docs helps you to keep track of different versions of spreadsheet or word processor files sent over email. You can import your existing documents and spreadsheets, create new ones and edit them from anywhere. Needing just a Web browser, your documents are stored securely online and allows people you choose to update files from their home computers. A great tool for coordinating group homework assignments and even collaborating remotely with friends on a new business plan.

Google Notebook
A handy utility, Google Notebook allows you to clip and collect information as you browse the web without ever leaving your browser window. You can add clippings of text, images and links from web pages onto your notebook, drag-and drop notes to stay organized, create multiple notebooks and even share it with the world by publishing it. It is also accessible from any computer through your log-in account.

Google Picasa
Why spent hundreds of dollars for expensive graphics software when you can get a top-notch application like Google Picasa for free? This photo editing and sharing program allows you to find, organise, share, edit and add effects to your photos. Fast and easy, Picasa has a beautiful interface and is excellent for touching up photos, slide shows and wallpapers. Editing photos is a breeze and the sophistication of it's tools surpasses many pay-for graphics application.

Google Reader
Without any software to install, Google's web-based feed reader helps you to keep track of your favorite web sites and stay up to date with the latest news and blog content. It's built-in public page allows the sharing of interesting information with friends and family.

Google Talk
Fast, intuitive and fun to use, Google Talk is Google's instant communications service. Offering different ways to integrate real time communications into your online experience, the Google Talk Gadget lets you see who's online and send instant messages from your Google Personalized Homepage, without installing any software. By pasting a code, this same instant messaging capabilities can be also added to your web page or blog and by downloading the Talk Client, you can even make free PC-to-PC voice calls and transfer files to your friends. If you are using Gmail, all your contacts will be organize in the Talk contacts list together with archiving of your Talk chats.

Google Scholar
Dedicated to the search of scholarly literature, Google Scholar provides a simple way to search across many disciplines and sources from peer-reviewed papers, theses, books to research articles from academic publishers, universities and other centres of learning.

Google Earth
Putting the world's geographic information at your fingertips, Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings. Google Earth gives you
a wealth of imagery and astronomical information and allows you to explore exotic destinations like Maui and even the Milky Way. You can literally fly to your house by simply typing in an address, press Search and you'll zoom right in.

Google Maps and Street View
View maps, get driving directions or search for local businesses and services through Google Maps and with the latest launch of Street View, it's latest Map function, users can now "tour" various cities at street level. Street View allows users to check out a neighbourhood, match addresses to buildings and remotely visit a city. By clicking on directional arrows in the photographs, they can even move along and explore a street.

iGoogle - Personalized Home Page
Google offers the ability to create your very own free and personalized iGoogle page that brings together Google functionality and content from across the web on a single page, giving you at-a-glance access to key information. On this self-designed page, you can choose and organize content such as your latest Gmail messages, news headlines, stock quotes, weather forecasts and movie showtimes. A great and useful freebie to have.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Great Articles About Freebies In The Web.

Taking a break from my usual routine of posting on a particular freebie category, today's post highlights the excellent articles about freebies in the Web that i have come across and would like to share with readers. Some of these articles were used as research material for some of the posts in this blog and i hope that you will find the information in these articles just as useful :

- PC World's 101 Fantastic Freebies

- PC World's 15 Great Free Utilities You Never Heard Of

- PC Magazine's The Best Free Software

- Kylescove's Best of Free Software

- Digitalscrapbooking - Where To Find The Free Stuff

- Lifehacker's Where to Find iTunes Freebies In One Place

- Web Designer's Raiders Of The Lost Photo Clipart

- Freebies For Writers

- Bittbox's Tutorial on The Fastest Way To Find High Quality Freebie On The Web

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Free Games Downloads.

With gaming becoming increasingly expensive because of monthly subscription charges, yearly fees, costly PC graphics cards and peripherals, and with new releases that can go for hundreds of dollars a pop, free games together with free music, movies and videos, is an essential home entertainment freebie. But surprisingly, my search for truly free gaming download sites was not an easy task. Most do not offer full-featured games downloads that are completely free and more often than not, you will find game demos and registration are usually required. Despite these, you can still get some good and free games downloads for your entertainment needs :
A personal favourite of my daughter, is one of the largest online games site with hundreds of spyware-free arcade games, sports games, massive multiplayer games, action games, puzzle games, flash games and many more. An extremely popular site with free downloadable games that are actually fun, of high quality and easy to use. Their games archives include the full range of casual games to hard-core massive multiplayer games.
Needing no registration and with hundreds of ad-free, spyware-free games to download, this is a great site for free games. While most of the games are at the low end of the spectrum ( board, card and puzzle games), there are quite a few of fast-paced arcade-style games. However, not all of the downloadable games are full-featured versions with some of the "free version" downloads being time-limited demos.
Another great games site with hundreds of PC and arcade games that are totally free to download but are ad-supported.
While not all the games here are totally free, has one of the largest download archives of patches and demos. In addition, gamers can sort through downloadable videos of games in action, read reviews and previews of current and upcoming games. Registration is required and you can get free downloads of full-featured games like Far Cry. runs an extremely fast, streamlined download library that hosts some of the largest downloads, with files 500MB and larger, of demos and patches. Registration is free and it has a wide range of games from Action, Strategy to RPG.
With a simple Google-like interface, WorthPlaying enables you to search for games by keyword. No registration is required and you can download free full featured games like Command and Conquer, demos and trailers. Games categories includes Action, Adventure, Racing, Simulation, and RPG.
Simple and intuitive, FileFront's collection of the 50 newest downloads, listed in reverse-chronological order, are a quick way to find something new. Each download is tagged with an icon that identifies the type of file, for example, a demo, a map, a screen saver or a utility. Registration is required and you can get the latest files on the hottest PC and video games and browse thousands of files and videos uploaded by other members.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Free Music Downloads And Streaming.

Music makes the world go round and free music..well, that will be heavenly. Music that is free to download without copyright infringements or illegal file sharing is great way to access good music, support the artists that contribute their music and at the same time, networking with like-minded music fans. Besides, it also provides an alternative to the music industry practices of forcing the customer to buy copy protected and overpriced music cds which are sometimes, rookit infested. The Web offers a treasure trove of free music and the following are popular free music download sites :
Jamendo is a music sharing platform where artists distribute their music under Creative Commons licenses and allows you to download, remix and share their music freely. It uses peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent or eMule to legally distribute albums and users can freely download music from all genres, write reviews and participate in community forum discussions. Other features like their music recommendation system, iRATE, will help you find music to suit your tastes and also provides information of live concerts by local artists in your area.
A CNET Networks Entertainment property, is a slick, all-inclusive music site that offers unlimited access to free audio and video streams of new releases from major artists and thousands of free mp3 music downloads from emerging independent artists. It's community of music fans fuels the site with user-generated content ranging from independent and major-label artist with songs, videos, photos and news. The site also offers artist information like bios, live sessions, exclusive interviews and weekly podcasts.
Dedicated to new and independent music, the site is loaded with thousands of free, specially selected and fully legal MP3 music downloads. Offering music news and reviews, the site also hosts free previews of up-and-coming bands like Interpol, Modest Mouse and Guided by Voices, with each band getting its own page with links to reviews, articles and hosted MP3s.
Focusing on live concert recordings, is an award-winning leader in lossless digital audio distribution on the Internet and provides live concert recordings in a losslessly-compressed and downloadable format. All of the music on is free and 100% legal to download, trade and burn. Etree promotes and shares these shows through FTP and BitTorrent which helps you to download faster.
Garageband features free and downloadable music by unsigned and independent artists and allows users to contact the bands, meet other music lovers, create your own podcast and most importantly, hear works by new artists before they become famous.
While not offering free music downloads, with only music streaming without charge, this site deserves a mention because of it's unique pricing system. Users are allow to stream music in MP3 format (no DRM) without any charge before choosing whether to download it or not. Buyers choose their own price, from US $5 to $8 per album, and may download music they have purchased in WAV, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and AAC encoding formats. Music files sold by Magnatune do not use any form of Digital Rights Management, which prevent customers from making copies of music files they have purchased but Magnatune actually encourages buyers to share up to three copies with friends.

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