Sunday, September 30, 2007

Free Online Data Storage Services.

The much dreaded thought of a hard disk crash and losing all my precious data, files and photos coupled with not wanting to spend money on storage devices and going through the hassles of installation, got me looking for free online data storage services.

Online data storage is a convenient way to archive and share data and is a worthwhile option for anyone who wants to back up files, documents, MP3 tracks and photos. Besides being free, one big advantage of Web-based storage is that it is platform-independent and you can access your files from any Web-connected PC. This is especially useful for telecommuters and business travelers who are tired of transferring files between work, home and notebooks or lugging heavy disk drives on trips.

With many of these sites going beyond just offering mere storage but also application functionality, free online data storage services is a money saving option worth exploring if you want to back-up your files and protect against losing all your precious data due to crashing of your hard disk. The following is a round-up of sites offering free and secure data storage services :
Totally free and secure, DropBoks offers 1GB of storage with a maximum file transfer size of any format of 50MB and best of all, no maximum transfer amount limitations. It's simple interface and the lack of advertisements makes it a delight to use. If you don"t have large media files and just want quick and easy access to data uploading and downloading, then DropBoks is the site for you. Works well with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
If you have concerns about how secure your data is, then DriveHQ is the place for free online data storage where backups are encrypted locally before they are uploaded and without your private encryption key, nobody can read your files. The basic service is free with up to 1GB of free storage and features include automatic synchronization of local folders with online folders, no restrictions to size of files and drag-and-drop functions. DriveHQ is also super fast at uploading data and files.
With it's reliable performance and simple file-transfer tools, Xdrive offers free online data back-ups of 5GB for your photos, music, videos and files. It's virtual-drive utility lets you treat your account as another PC storage device.
With up to 1GB of free storage for home users and a maximum file size of 10MB, is an easy to use service. It's pleasant interface, strong file sharing features, drag and drop uploading functions makes it an attractive online storage facility. A further differentiating feature of is it's widget, which you can put on your MySpace page or blog to allow visitors to upload and download files with a drag and a drop. supports most browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

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