Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WatZatSong And Other Free Online Quirky Tools

Once in a while we come across certain unique situations where we wish there were software or web tools to help us with these quirky stuff. Well, here are some free web tools that are not common but will certainly come in handy for those rare occasions :

You have just heard a great tune on the radio but the DJ does not identify it and goes on to play other hits. The tune gets stuck in your head, refuses to go away and you end up a bit looney, humming it to friend after friend, hoping to find someone someone who is able to identify it for you.

Well, can the humming with WatZatSong, where you can easily get the answer to that lovely but nameless jingle. Just give as much information as you can about the song, like male or female singer or a group and genre, and record a short sample of it online - yup, sing a little of the jingle into your mike and the site will automatically record and upload it. Then, just wait for the community to ping you for an answer to your nameless jingle. And don't worry about being tone-deaf as it is an anonymous recording.
Anyone working can easily identify with the disconnect between the e-mail quota we want and the amount company IT administrators think we should have, which is usually much smaller. So, what do you do if you need to send and receive large files?

Share them online with and you'll have the gratitude of people whose inboxes won't be clog up and save yourself the hassle of having to break up large mail attachments too. As the name suggests, just drop your files online, tell your friends where to look and share them. No account sign-up is needed and there is a 100 MB upload limit for each file but you can use the service as often as you like. With no irritating pop-ups and ads, a clean and easy-to-use interface, promises that all files uploaded stay online forever and can be downloaded as many times as you need them to be.

Tired of having your system bog down for hours while you are downloading a file that was supposed to take only minutes? Check your download time before you hit the download button at OnlineConversion Download Time Calculator. Just enter the size of the file you want to download and the calculator will quickly estimate the amount of time the download needs based on its size and the speed of your Net connection ( DSL, 56kbps modem, etc).

Eyes glazed and tired from all the proof reading of your articles? Let your computer talk to you and do all the proof reading with ReadPlease, an easy-to-use and excellent text-to-speech software. ReadPlease never gets tire and reads exactly what's in the text, no more and no less. Hearing the text spoken out loud allows you to find subtle errors that you might overlook like bad phrasing, missing words, doubled words and poor punctuation. An excellent tool for writers and a godsend for people with vision or reading problems.

Portable Apps
Put your entire computer in your pocket and be productive while on the go with PortableApps, an open-source software that allows you to store your favourite applications and settings, including passwords and bookmarks, in any storage device like your iPod or thumb drive. Your PC productivity tools, web browsers, video player and games are just as welcome with PortableApps. Just plug in your thumb drive at any public PC at the airport or a cybercafe and you can access all your favourite applications without leaving any trace of your personal data behind.

Get rid of bandwidth-hogging online ads and surf faster with WebWasher, a 1.2 MB utility that eliminates pop-ups, banners and jumbo-sized ads that increase the time it takes to view Web pages. This nifty tool also crushes cookies and prevents companies from profiling your surfing habits and protects you from bugs and invisible graphics hidden in documents that trigger the sending of messages to third parties.

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