Saturday, December 29, 2007

Create Your Own Ringtones For Free

Are you tired of navigating through websites, with loads of fine prints, looking for ringtones for your mobile phone and paying major music labels for copyrighted songs? Or being saddled with a phone bill that burns a hole in your pocket for that supposedly free ringtone you have downloaded because you failed to read the fine print?

Well, here are two recently launched web services that allows you to create your very own ringtones for free without needing any downloading of ringtone-making software or surprise users with hidden fees:
1. Cellware
Positioning itself as a mobile social networking site, Cellware has one of the largest selection of content for your phone on the Web and allows users to upload and create their own ringtones for free. Simple Flash tools allows the uploading of entire MP3 sound tracks, edit them into 20 seconds clips and send them to users cellphones as ringtones. It also allows users to mix several tracks together into a mashup and being a networking site, tag and share them with friends and community members. All brands of mobile phone, except Apple iPhone, work with Cellware. And the kicker - you can even earn money when you share the stuff you have uploaded !

2. Tonebee
Similar to Cellware, Tonebee is another recently launched web service that allows users to create their own personalized cell phone ringtone for free by simply uploading their favorite Mp3 songs onto the “Mp3 ToneBee Ringtone Maker." In just 3 simple steps - uploading, selecting the portion of the song (30 seconds or less) you want and saving it on your PC - users will have the desired ringtone for their cellphones. The stored song can be transferred onto any cell phone as long as the phone has Mp3 capabilities. Beside creating ringtones, Tonebee also has videos, photos and news from around the world related to almost any artist, band, album or song you can think of.

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