Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Free Web-Based E-Mail Services.

Due to it's ability to allow users to access their mails from any Internet-connected computer, web-based e-mail or Webmail are increasingly preferred over application-based email. Besides the accessibility, most of the popular e-mail services are free to use. The following is a roundup of free web-based e-mail services :

Yahoo!Mail is currently the largest and most popular Internet e-mail provider, serving millions of users. Yahoo!Mail provides free, customizable email including PhotoMail, an online picture sharing feature, spam protection, filtering, multiple email account management and offers limitless storage space for photos, attachments and messages. It also provides password protection and automatic scanning of incoming mails with Norton Anti-Virus.

Gmail is a free web-based email and POP3 e-mail service provided by Google and offers more than 2,880 megabytes of free storage with a search-oriented interface and a unique 'conversation view'. With lots of nifty features like spam protection, automatic mail forwarding, integrated chat and mobile phone access, Gmail also supports 40 languages.

Windows Live Hotmail
Part of Microsoft, Windows Live Hotmail is a popular free webmail service and has 2 GB of storage, patented security measures, Ajax technology, and integration with Windows Live Messenger, Spaces, Calendar and Contacts. It is the Net's second largest free web-based e-mail provider with over 260 million users worldwide.

AIM Mail
AIM Mail is a free web-based email service provided by AOL and has unlimited storage, 16MB attachments, spam protection and virus protection. A new feature, AIM Panel, was introduced in Jul 2007 that featured a Buddy List with indicators to show the presence of buddies online.

Lycos Mail
A free e-mail account offers 3 GB of storage with no limit on the file sizes that you can send. Features include advanced spam filtering, virus checking and domain blocking.

Provided by Outblaze, a Hong Kong application service provider, Mail.com offers free and premium e-mail accounts and allows users to choose any email address from a choice of multiple domain names such as email.com, post.com, whatever.com and many others. The free version offers 100MB of space.

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