Sunday, August 19, 2007

Free Movies And Videos.

Notwithstanding lawsuits over copyrights infringements and illegal file sharing, there are still several legal repositories that let you download and watch movies that are completely free. Better still, some of these free movies and videos sites incorporates a networking element in their services, thus enhancing the movie experience. The following are sites where you can download and watch free and perfectly legal movies :
Lycos Cinema tag line - "Watch, Chat and Connect" is a free, advertising-supported service that lets multiple people watch the same video simultaneously and chat about it in real time. Through it's "Screening Room", you can invite your friends by e-mail, to watch a particular video, with you setting the date and time and controlling the functions of pause, fast-forward or rewind. Coupled with it's large collection of genres from action, adventure, animation to indie films, it's just like getting together with your friends to watch a DVD except you're doing it online. To use Lycos Cinema, you need Windows or Mac OS, IE6/IE7 or Mozilla FireFox 2.x, and Adobe Flash player version 8.
An online video pioneer, AtomFilms has evolved into a leading brand for independent entertainment.The free registration allows you access to one of the largest collections of short films on the Web with original comedy, drama, action, and music videos. The award-winning site is a daily source of original web shows, animation, and short films with hit viral comedies like Possum Death Spree to Oscar winning classics like Creature Comforts. Besides offering high resolution DVD quality videos, AtomFilms also allows users to create and share videos with friends through the "My Channel" function. In addtion, since May 07, users can upload and share their own videos through AtomUploads. The system requirements are Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OSX+, Adobe Flash Player 8.0+ and IE 6, FireFox 1.5 or Safari 1.3 browsers.
With over 130,000 members, MyDigitalShare allows free streaming of a large selection of new movies, even the latest ones and TV shows like Simpsons, LOST and Prison Break. Membership is free and it's impressive collection of up-to-date new movies and TV shows makes it an attractive site for free movies. To use MyDigitalShare, you will need Windows or Mac OS, Adobe Flash Player 8 and either IE 6 or FireFox 1.5.
For fans of indie films, Undergroundfilms serves to showcase the works of indie filmmakers and has an extensive collection of videos by independent filmmakers. It is noted for the high quality of it's collection and making hard-to-find works available in the Web.

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