Friday, February 8, 2008

Numbr - Get A Free Disposable Phone Number.

Always value your privacy and do not want to give out your phone number when you are selling or buying online? Then grab an anonymous and disposable phone number from Numbr, all for free.

Numbr, available in 23 cities in the US, lets you create free, anonymous and disposable numbers that can forward all incoming calls to any landline or mobile number of your choosing. It is an ideal way to protect your privacy when advertising your services, buying online or when networking online.
Besides forwarding all your calls to your home or cellphone, Numbr also comes with the following features :

- Record your messages through voice-mail which are then sent to your e-mail.
- Allows call screening and you can choose to accept or reject the call.
- Built in filters to block off nuisance marketeers, spammers or anyone else.
- Complete access to your call records at all times.
- Available round-the-clock with 24x7 reachability.
- Set your number to expire in an hour, day, week or months.
- Embed your message in your blog or site through the iNumbr widget.
- Parental controls to protect your kids privacy.

Especially useful when listing in personals or classifieds, Numbr basic package is free and is the ideal way to conduct your business without sacrificing your privacy.

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