Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Free Web Browser.

With its market penetration, we sometimes forget that there are other browsers other than Windows Internet Explorer and because of its major share of the browser market, Internet Explorer is especially vulnerable to security attacks. For users tired of IE, there are alternative browsers, all available for free downloads, which are actually much safer and even faster than Internet Explorer.

Experience the Web, Apple style, with Safari. A fast, easy-to-use web browser with elegant interface and loads pages up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7. Features include block-up blocking, tabbed browsing, built-in RSS and a nifty feature called Snapback, which allows you to instantly snap-back to your original search results when you have strayed to far from where you had started. Available in both Mac and Windows version.
Opera comes packed with features that enriches your surfing experience. With Speed Dial, one can access favourite sites faster and security features like Fraud Protection can protect you against stealing of your private information. The built-in torrent link also allows you to download large files without having a need for a separate Bit Torrent application.

Probably the most well known browser after IE and rightly so. An open-sourced browser, Firefox is pack with nifty features that delivers a better Web experience and is definitely much safer and faster than Internet Explorer. Features include tab browsing, search suggestions, Phishing protection, automatic updates and thousands of add-ins to personalise your browser.

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