Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Desktop Applications And Utilities.

Always wanted desktop extras but not willing to pay a bundle for them? Well, the following utilities are totally free, guaranteed to allow you to work and surf smarter and most importantly, save money at the same time :

Microsoft Office is definitely not cheap these days and if you hardly use Excel, then take a look at OpenOffice. An open-source alternative, OpenOffice is a multi-platform and multi-lingual program with a remarkable lineup of features. Light on system resources, it has all the word-processing prowess of Microsoft Office but without the cost.

NoteTab Light
If you like Notepad as an alternative to Microsoft Word but find yourself wishing for a bit more, consider Notetab Light, a free text editor that handles basic documents and HTML editing tasks with aplomb.
PureText 2.
If you are copying text regularly from Web pages, you should try PureText 2 as it gets rid of formatting, HTML code, and any other stuff you don't need as you copy text to the Clipboard and paste it into other documents.

AceMoney Lite
A financial tool, AceMoney Lite can manage your finances without lowering your net worth. It tracks spending, investments, and bills, and it provides various reporting options.

Managing your personal information could not be easier with KeyNote. It is designed to organize information such as to-do items, diary entries, recipes and project notes without having a need for a full-blown personal information management program.

A really cool program, ATnotes is a utility that lets you drag and drop reminders that resemble sticky notes around your screen. The program also allows you to set reminder alarms and search the text of your notes.

ZipCentral, a smart compression program, could be your one-stop shop for dealing with .zip files. It interacts well with files from other zipping utilities and provides plenty of management options and the interface is easy to understand and use.

Lavalys Everest Home
Want to know details about the hardware installed in your PC? Lavalys Everest Home Edition, a system diagnostic and benchmark tool, delivers details about your hardware, down to the component level.

Belarc Advisor
Belarc Advisor delivers a thorough inventory of all the bits and pieces of software and Windows components installed on your PC as well as some key hardware details. It's a handy tool to have if you ever need to call technical support about a malfunctioning software or hardware product.

Make Money Online
PGP Freeware
If you want to keep your e-mails confidential then consider PGP Freeware's ability to encrypt messages and more. PGP is the gold standard for free personal encryption software.

Panicware Popup Stopper Free Edition
Pop-up blockers are readily available but Panicware's Popup Stopper Free Edition gives you a "privacy report" on the contents of the browser history files, cache, and cookies stored on your hard drive.

WebWasher Classic
Not only does it controls Web advertising content, WebWasher Classic also manages cookies and most notably, blocks access to specific Web sites or makes only certain sites accessible, a function many parents and small businesses will find useful.

When you want to go browsing without dragging along extra baggage, CachePal offers a way to dump your IE cache files, browser history, and cookies quickly. A single click on the toolbar icon dumps any trace of where you've been in seconds.

ScrubXP cleans out temp files and Internet Explorer cookies and history, and also flushes Windows XP's list of files you opened or searched for either on your hard drive or online.

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