Saturday, October 13, 2007

Free Web Service For Consumers Refunds.

With online shopping getting increasingly popular, a new web service launched recently helps consumers take advantage of store price guarantees offered by many online retailers to refund the difference in price of purchased items, if the price drops following your purchase. Retailers like and Best Buy offer such policies to encourage you to make a spontaneous purchase rather than waiting to see if the price of an item will come down. Naturally, most of us don't really bother to check if the price of our purchases goes down.

Priceprotectr, launched in July 07 after a 5-month beta period, aims to keep track of your purchases, monitor the prices of products you had purchased and see if they go down. In the event of a price drop within the time period specified by the retailer, they will then notify you and you can collect your refund from the online merchant. The company has put together a very simple and easy-to-use website where all you need is the product URL from the online store that you had made your purchases and your email address.

While sites like and also provides price monitoring services, they lacked depth as only purchases from are being tracked. Priceprotectr monitors more than 50 online stores including Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, Future Shop and Circuit City.

As consumers rarely monitor the purchased price after buying, using Price Protectr might just save you a bundle of money and with the site's declaration that it has notified users to the tune of $346,000 in savings, based on over $6million worth of tracked purchases, it is a free web service worth using.

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footiam said...

Informative blog but I understand Ultraman more. What are freebies?

My Den said...

Hi footiam,
Well, freebies refer to open-sourced software, free desktop utilities and applications and free web services etc, that are free to download or use. Just like those featured in this blog.

With paid-for software costing the sky, free and open-sourced software are viable alternatives for enhancing your Web experience.

Thks for dropping by. Take care.