Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Top 10 Freebie Posts For 2007

Looking back, it had been a remarkable journey since the launched of this blog in July 2007. With the original intention of searching for open-source and free software and web services, and sharing it with readers, I was amazed at the amount of free software and web tools that I have been able to unearth in the short six months of this blog existence. From free security suites, free desktop utilities and productivity tools to free web services and even home entertainment freebies like free music, videos and games, the journey has been an extremely fun and fruitful one.
Besides the obvious savings in turning to open-source and free software for my computer needs plus the benefits of not being tied down to unwanted and costly updates of propriety software, this blog have also expanded my horizon and opened my eyes to the many innovations available in the Web, and I hope that readers found the content in this blog as useful to them as it was to me.

And as an indication of this blog popularity, it is in fact the fastest growing in terms of traffic among the three hobby blogs that I have launched in 2007 and also has the unwanted distinction of having its content stolen and reproduced, thrice, at other sites by unscrupulous content thieves.

In thanking loyal readers and closing what had been a most rewarding year and hoping for a equally fruitful 2008, here is a recap of the top 10 posts, in terms of traffic, for 2007 :

1 - Linus - A Free Alternative To Windows.
2 - Free Specialised Software for Your Desktop.
3 - Google's Suite Of Free Utilities & Web Services.
4 - WatZatSong & Other Free Online Quirky Tools.
5 - Tips For Downloading Freebies - When "Free" Isn't Really Free.
6 - Free Keywords Suggestion Tools.
7 - Free Graphics Software.
8 - Free Utilities For Computer Security.
9 - Tech News - Google Challenges Wikipedia With "Knol".
10 - Free Online Nostalgic Games.

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