Sunday, October 21, 2007

AddThis - Free All-In-One Bookmarking Widget.

Do you sometimes find your sidebar cluttered with too many social bookmarking buttons like Digg,, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmarks and many others? Instead of helping your readers bookmark your blog or site, they looked messy, creates confusion and takes up valuable space.

AddThis, launched in Sept 2006, aims to remove all this clutter and makes it really easy for your readers to bookmark your site or blog and subscribe to your feeds. It is a simple and free universal button that sends bookmarks and RSS feeds to the most popular social bookmarking and news reader services and does away with the need for individual buttons for each of these services.

Not only is AddThis widget convenient and simple to use, it also provides valuable data showing what content your visitors bookmark the most on your website or blog, over various time periods. It is also well-supported with fast load-balancing servers and is extremely fast.

Available in two modes, including a drop-down widget, AddThis makes it easy for web publishers to share and distribute their content and is a nifty and free web service that i highly recommend.

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