Friday, February 1, 2008

Download Accelerator Plus - A Free Download Manager For Increasing Download Speed.

Have you ever wish that your downloading of media or data files can speed up just a little bit faster? Download Accelerator Plus, a free download manager, promises to do just that - increase your download speed.

Developed by SpeedBit, the 7.6 MB utility can improve download speed by up to 300 per cent and is particularly useful when you are downloading multiple files. It accelerates download speed by first searching for mirror sites and the most responsive servers using a proximity test, then dividing the downloads into several segments and finally downloading them simultaneously from the fastest servers it can find, resulting in optimal utilization of your dial-up or broadband connections.
Through its AlwaysResume feature, Download Accelerator Plus also has the ability to recover and resume a download which has been interrupted by a broken connection, an extremely useful feature for those who have experienced the frustration of starting a download all over again due to a broken connection. It also provides users with the ability to see previews of their downloads while the downloading is in progress.

Besides increasing downloading speed, Download Accelerator Plus is also a full-featured download manager that can help you organize your file downloads. It keeps track of all your downloads and provides a handy history of what you have downloaded and when. Password Manager, scheduled downloads, auto-Internet disconnection and shutting down of your PC upon download completion, are some of the other nifty features that comes with Download Accelerator Plus.

And through its integration with the anti-virus software in your Operating System, it comes with automatic anti-virus scanning of downloaded content and a file security check, provided by ZoneAlarm, will also alert you that you are about to download or run a potentially dangerous file.

With a user-friendly interface and about 150 million users worldwide, Download Accelerator Plus is compatible with most Windows platforms and Mac, and supports browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. It is also multi-lingual and is available in 10 languages including German, French, Italian and Chinese.

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